How to Prevent Pneumonia

5 Ways to Prevent Pneumonia

About 1 million US citizens seek hospital care for pneumonia every year, 50,000 of which will ultimately die. Learn how to prevent pneumonia to ensure you’re not a part of that deadly statistic.

How the nasal cannula helps in your oxygen therapy

How the nasal cannula helps in your oxygen therapy

One of the most important parts of a portable oxygen concentrator is the part you breathe through: the nasal cannula. You may not be aware that the nasal cannula is the most common oxygen therapy approach. So, why do you need one and how do you care for it? Learn today!

The Difference Between Bronchitis & COPD

Do You Have Bronchitis or COPD?

When dealing with a hacking cough or shortness of breath, it’s common to misdiagnose what illness you’re dealing with, which can affect or delay your treatment. This is often the case with Bronchitis and COPD. Get the details and learn the difference!